Fees, conditions, online classes and financial assistance

On this page you will find information about the costs, terms of agreement, online classes and possible financial support from DordtPas.


Fees for the school year are paid in advance in three instalments. September up to and including November (€ 120 paid by 1 September). December up to and including February (€ 120 paid by 1 December). March up to and including June (€ 160 paid by 1 March).  Other terms of payment can be arranged only by agreement in advance. During the months of July and August no lessons are given and no lesson fees are required. Bank account number (for direct deposit of fees): NL29RABO 0377547395.

Lessonssept until novdec until febrmarch until june
One class per week, studio or online€ 120,00€ 120,00€ 160,00
Two classes per week, studio or online€ 210,00€ 210,00€ 270,00
Three classes per week, studio or online€ 300,00€ 300,00€ 400,00

Unlimited online classes can be taken with three classes per week

Would you like to take more lessons a week? Please contact us.

Terms of agreement

  • There is a possibility to make up for missed classes. This can only be done within the regular schedule and not during holiday periods. To make up missed classes in the studio is only possible after consultation. It is always possible to make up a class using the virtual. Please contact the ballet school by email to receive a link for an online class.
  • School year: September up to and including June. This year is divided into two periods of three months and one period of four months.
  • The ballet school will be closed in July and August.
  • Adjustments to the timetable are possible. Schedule changes are at the discretion of the ballet school.
  • Termination of a membership has to be done a full calendar month in advance with a notice period of three months. By email or writing.
  • The ballet school or its teachers are not responsible for damage or theft of any personal belongings. Neither is the ballet school or its teachers responsible for any personal injuries.
  • Observing a class is possible after consulting Anneke or Anna
  • If the need arises to discuss specific concerns, please send an email. The ballet school will contact you to set up a meeting. It is our hope that this policy will keep lines of communication open and create the best possible learning environment for the students. Parent/Teacher
  • Conferences are available if and when the need arises.

Online classes

  • Almost all lessons are given in the studio and at the same time online according to the schedule of the ballet school. For example: If you and other students enter a lesson at 8.15 pm in the studio, other students can follow that same lesson online. In the studio or at any place of your choice you can follow a lesson. That’s fun! You can ask about the possibilities any time.
  • In case of calamities or a possible corona / COVID-19 outbreak, all lessons will immediately be transferred to our online option only.


An increasing number of children in The Netherlands are unable to participate in activities – including ballet lessons – which are considered quite normal for their contemporaries, because of financial limitations. DordtPas.nl would like to help these children take part! It offers children the chance to participate in lessons in classical ballet and contemporary dance. DordtPas.nl helps give children a chance to dance, which gives them an opportunity to flourish while increasing their knowledge and skills; it also helps them to develop their self esteem. Anneke IJpelaar Ballet works closely with DordtPas.nl, and supports its activities in whatever way possible.

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