Fees, conditions and financial assistance

On this page you will find information about the costs, conditions and possible financial assistance from Stichting Leergeld.


Fees for the school year are paid in advance in three instalments. September up to and including November (€ 100 paid by 1 September). December up to and including February (€ 100 paid by 1 December). March up to and including June (€ 135 paid by 1 March).  Other terms of payment can be arranged only by agreement in advance. During the months of July and August no lessons are given and no lesson fees are required. Bank account number (for direct deposit of fees): NL29RABO 0377547395.

Lessonssept until novdec until febrmarch until june
Once a week
60 minutes
€ 110,00€ 110,00€ 150,00
Twice a week
2 x 60 minutes
€ 190,00€ 190,00€ 250,00
Three times a week
3 x 60 minutes
€ 270,00€ 270,00€ 360,00

Would you like to take more than one lesson a week? Please contact us.


  • Missed lessons can be made up, although holiday periods are not included
  • The school year runs from September up to and including June, and is divided into two periods of 3 months and one period of four months
  • The ballet school is closed during the months of July and August
  • Changes in the lesson timetable may occur.
  • Withdrawing from lessons can only be arranged per quarter, one full calendar month in advance
  • The ballet school and instructors are not responsible for damage and/or loss of personal property, or for physical injury
  • Observing ballet lessons can be arranged by consulting Anneke or Anna
  • Discussions concerning students’ progress may be requested
  • Please refer to the dress code

Stichting Leergeld

An increasing number of children in the Netherlands are unable to participate in activities – including ballet lessons – which are considered quite normal for their contemporaries, because of financial limitations. Stichting Leergeld would like to help these children take part! It offers children the chance to participate in lessons in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Stichting Leergeld helps give children a chance to dance, which gives them an opportunity to flourish while increasing their knowledge and skills; it also helps them to develop their self esteem. Anneke IJpelaar Ballet works closely with Stichting Leergeld, and supports its activities in whatever way possible.

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