The ballet studio is since fifteen years based in Dordrecht, after having previously been housed in Zwijndrecht for thirty years. The studio is located in historic building in Dordrecht’s city centre.

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About us

Anneke IJpelaar Ballet was established in 1977 by Anneke IJpelaar. Every two years, large student performances have been presented in the theatre since the school was founded more than forty years ago. The focus is on dancing in small groups. Personal attention and individuality are of the highest priority. You are welcome to make an appointment to attend a lesson.

Anneke IJpelaar

Has taught at Anneke IJpelaar Ballet since 1977. At the age of three, Anneke started dancing classical ballet, and she hasn’t stopped dancing since. Her teaching is characterized by an enormous sense of drive and a great deal of personal attention.

  • State Certificated Ballet Instructor
  • Peter Leoneff Academy
  • Brabants Conservatorium, Tutored by Simon André (former soloist with the Dutch National Ballet)
  • Apprenticeships during a period of 10 years at the Vaganova Akademika of Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Tutored by Madame Marina Vivien and Madame Natalia Dudinskaya, among others
  • Collaborated with various visual artists, including Lucien den Arend

Anna van de Water

Has taught at Anneke IJpelaar Ballet since 2000. From an early age, Anna could be found in the ballet studio. Having grown up with ballet, she gives lessons that are full of passion, with a great love for the art form. The combination of mother Anneke and daughter Anna is unique, resulting in a vibrant exchange of energy, experience and knowledge, which can be seen in the exceptional quality and liveliness of the lessons.

  • Certified ballet instructor
  • Tutored by Anneke IJpelaar (her mother)
  • National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam
  • Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands
  • International Summer School in Nice, France
  • Apprenticeships in New York, USA
  • Qualified Teacher of Street Dance
  • Qualified Teacher of Aerobic Dance
  • Qualified Teacher of Yoga
  • Qualified Teacher of Pilates

The IJpelaar Compagnie

The IJpelaar Compagnie (DIJC) is an important part of Anneke IJpelaar Ballet. DIJC is made up of motivated dancers who, in addition to taking numerous lessons each week, give performances. The group has performed or given presentations at venues including

  • Yousoupovsky Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Evoluon (Philips) in Eindhoven
  • The Open Air Museum Drecht Banks Sculpture Park in Zwijndrecht
  • The Hof of the Netherlands in Dordrecht
  • Wilgeneiland in Barendrecht
  • The Giraf children’s book shop
  • Philadelphia Foundation (Stichting Philadelphia)
  • Central Library
  • Kunstrondje Dordrecht